6 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat


Customize your backyard this summer for your pet.  This can include things like a fun little kiddie pool for your dog. Give your dog the option of swimming whenever it wants. What a luxury!  Another way to spoil your dog is to set up a water mister that operates with a motion sensor.  A nice little mist on a hot summer day will go a long way.  Install some shade if you do not have ample tree cover.  I like to use a sun shade system rigged between a couple of anchor points. These anchor points can be almost anything.  Trees, fence posts etc..  Another great option if your backyard gets too much direct sun is to put up a small canopy covering.  My dog loves this and I put his doggie bed under it with a couple of toys.


It is so much fun to take your dog on a little adventure.  In the summer heat, the obvious adventure is to the beach.  Just make sure that the beach you are going to is dog-friendly. You should be able to check this with your local municipality via the local government websites.  If you do not live by the ocean find a cool pond or lake.  Taking your dog for a swim on a hot summer day is the best. While you are at it, jump in yourself.  I like to have my dog sit on shore right next to me. I throw a stick as far as I can and we race.  My lab always wins!   DISCLAIMER!  If you live where there are alligators do not let your dog swim in these lakes and ponds!   Please, I had an 85 pound Siberian Husky attacked by a 10-foot alligator when we were visiting Florida. He was unusually lucky to live. The vet bill was almost as ugly as the alligator.


By following a common sense approach to the intense heat of the summer many health problems can be avoided. BUT, it is important to know the warning signs so you can react accordingly to save your dog or a friend.


  • Excessive Panting (the big one)
  • Convulsions
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive drooling

***Your dog staring at you saying ” Please save me from this insane heat already!”



It is always nice to get your dog a little summer haircut. OR, give your dog one yourself.  You would be surprised how easy it is to become your own doggy barber. If you have a show dog and take that type of stuff super seriously this may not be an option. But for my dog “Bud” when I get out the clippers he loves it!  Please remember that certain dog breeds have a lot of hair for a reason. Do not over trim, cut, or shave.  A little summer tune up is often all your dog needs. NEXT, many insect species are more active during summer. So make sure you never wash your dog with soaps and shampoos made for humans. This can all irritate your dog’s skin. You do not want your dog’s skin to already be compromised when fleas and other bugs become more active.


Summer is a fun filled season of friends, family, and Dogs.  Everyone loves a good BBQ.  Especially your dog! Dogs know when the grill turns on and the guests start arriving what is about to happen and they love it.  Please make sure your dog is not finishing everyone’s hot dogs, potato chips, and spilled beers. These things are not good for your dog.  Please do not let anyone give your dog a sip of beer.  Dogs have very small and specialized organs that are not intended to metabolize alcohol. It is not funny or cool.  Thank you and enjoy BBQ season.

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