Ending Kill Shelters

Welcome Pet Lovers to the beginning in a series of articles and videos intended to bring about positive change in the world of the Animal Shelter. We will be documenting our mission to convert Kill shelters into No-Kill shelters.   It is our goal through community involvement to help Pet Lovers convert these shelters all over the world.  For us we will be starting right here at home. In Utah.

A “No-Kill” animal shelter does not kill healthy or treatable animals even when they run out of room.  Euthanasia is only used on terminally ill animals or those considered a danger to public safety.

Kill Shelters are facilities that euthanize at a much higher rate than those in limited admission or No-Kill shelters.  In these shelters animals with curable ailments and zero behavior problems are often euthanized simply because there just is not enough room.

We believe that most people are very good and the last thing they want to do is kill an adoptable animal.  It is a more complicated issue than it seems. In the interest of fairness we will be posting arguments on both sides of the fence as we document our quest for change in how animals get to live or die.

Please stay tuned for more to come. email your comments to us at joyforpals@gmail.com

Thank You.


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