Coming soon will be the newest food show sensation! “Cooking for cats” will be a live web show where we make super delicious and nutritious meals for your feline friends.

But until then Cat food chef John Gaspa will share one of his favorite recipes that all of you can make at home for Cheap.

 “Hello, my name is John Gaspa and I love cooking highly nutritious meals  at home for cats. I get so much joy when my friends and family have me over to cook for their cats”

Very few of us have the time to cook every meal, every day for our precious animals.  So we buy best pre-made foods available. But, when we do find time it is truly special.  Please stay tuned for the cooking for cats web series. Once you get a couple of these recipes under your belt you will be amazed how easy and fast you can create these wonderful meals.

So let us start with some real protein shall we?  Chicken, Fish, Beef.

Let us start with some delicious Tuna.

  • 1 can strained will be perfect.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
  • Mix with 3 tablespoons of cooked brown rice.
  • Use the strained water from the canned tuna.
  • Add 2 tablespoons of beef broth to make a delicious cat food sauce.


Pour lightly over your newly created dish and serve with pride.



  • f.k.

    Dear Joy for Pets, So happy to have discovered you ! My kitty and I thoroughly enjoyed the Cooking for Cats episode, and are looking forward to more recipes. We also read with great interest your musings on all the planetary and celestial events at play, and agree on the importance of keeping abreast of such forces in our daily lives. Thank you for being there ! Sincerely yours, f.k. and s.k.

    • John Gaspa

      Dear F.K. and S.K.
      Thank you very much for your kind words. We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying our pet horoscopes and our new video series “Cooking For Cats” Please stay tuned for our upcoming video series “Pet Psychic” on this website and Youtube. Every Friday we will be releasing a new cooking show. Thank you! JG


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