7 Tips to help your pet with separation anxiety. Back to school time.

It is very common for pets to experience a little depression when the kids go back to school.  Your pets love those kids.  Here are some tips to get your families pets adjusted back to the school schedule.


Getting the day started earlier.

Get the day started just a little bit earlier than normal. This way everyone can spend quality time with the family pets. Instead of the typical morning rush out the door. This could mean some extra time for a longer walk, play time, or just giving your animal some extra attention before the kids head off to school.

The school bus.

If possible be there with your pets to see the kids off to school as they board the school bus. What a fun trip for everyone.  The opposite is even more fun.  Be there when the kids get off the bus with your furry friend. This could be a great time for some unexpected playtime at the park. Fetch anyone?


Sometimes just putting a dirty sock, or anything with a special family members scent near your doggy bed can help. This will ease the separation anxiety factor tremendously.  The scent of a beloved family member helps your animals stay content.  This little trick sometimes reinforces the family and pack mentality.  An old sneaker of mine (stinky) helped get my Siberian Husky to stop destroying my house while I was at work.

Treat from the kids.

Give your pet an unexpected treat during the day while your kids are at school. Tell your pet it is from your child or children. Say the child`s name a few times and let them know it is a gift from them. The connection between this treat and the love they feel for this child will help them get through the day.


Drop in for a little unexpected visit to your kids school at recess. If you can swing by just for a few minutes for all the kids to say hi, it is so much fun. This may or may not be practical for you. But, if you have a dog going through some real separation anxiety and your kids go to a cool school, why not?

Pre-homework playtime.

Go for a special walk to a park and have some pet and family playtime right after school.  Before the kids go of into homework mode and video game land.  Go to your local park and play with your dog right after school.  Throw the tennis ball.  Toss the frisbee Rejoice! School is done for the day.


Take that extra minute with your kids to pet and hug your animals before saying goodnight to them. Maybe a little unexpected treat also? Why not. Make sure the whole crew goes to sleep with a great sense of contentment.  Thank you for reading!  Joyforpets.com BLOGGING TEAM






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