7 Tips For Surviving Disasters With Your Pets

Wildfires.  Hurricanes.  Tornadoes.  Earthquakes.  Floods.  War.  Nibiru?

Hi friends,

What a dangerous little planet we live on.  In most corners of our world it is not “If” but “When” disaster will strike.  At Joyforpets.com we want our customers to be as prepared as possible.  These are  some tips to getting through disaster with your pets.


Know what types of disasters you are most likely to encounter in your particular corner of the world.  It would be great to be ready for all of  them but let`s be realistic.  So, research the probability of various potential disasters and try to make a plan for what is the most likely to happen. Example, if you live in Florida have a disaster plan for a Hurricane.


Make sure you actually know where you are going.  What do you consider safety? Define it and make a plan for getting there when it all hits the fan.  Remember that highways may be choked with traffic.  Practice getting to this safe zone. If there is a shortcut learn it now.


We have many different types of animals in our lives.  Make a gear list for surviving a disaster with your pets.  Horses,  Dogs,  Reptiles,  Birds,  Cats etc….. Make sure you have gear ready to go for your animals.  Have it packed up and ready to grab.  You need enough to make it at least 30 days.  Make the list.  Get it ready.  Make the plan.


A community of like minded friends and family is imperative to surviving disaster with your animals.  Organize an emergency plan with your team.  You will all need to step up and care for each others animals.  Have potluck dinners and discuss who will do what and when. Make sure everyone understands their particular roles when disaster strikes.  It is going to take a village to get through catastrophe.


Do not wait until a disaster strikes to find out if you and your animals are going to survive. PRACTICE.  Have your game plan dialed!  Call up the Team. It is go time.  Pretend that disaster is here and go save those family members and animals. Role Play,  not everyone can help.  Curveballs.  Now you have to save your neighbors horse!   Know where everyone on your team keeps their emergency gear.  Do it.


We at Joyforpets.com cannot emphasize enough how important it is to microchip your animals.  When collars get ripped off an animal pet rescue agencies rely on micro chips.  One scan, knoeand they can  reunite an animal with it`s family.  In the days and weeks following a disaster  volunteers and emergency responders will be trying to coordinate a massive reunion between animals and people.  Have multiple pictures of your pet with contact information laminated and ready to go.  If need be disperse them widely. It can make all the difference!  Make sure they are laminated.


These are very  important and save pets lives in extreme times.  Put this valuable sticker in your front window.  Fill it out.  It will let emergency responders know that there are animals that need to be saved in the home.  But remember,  make sure the information is up to date and accurate.  Also, after evacuating make sure to check the box indicating this.  It is important that emergency responders are not spending time looking for a cat that is not there.



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